How Did Hillary Clinton Lose? Wrong Question!

Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I understand the complaints about Hillary Clinton and her loss to Donald Trump. But here's a question everyone overlooks:

Trump won, just as much as Hillary lost. Trump beat how many GOP contenders? Trump beat the entire GOP establishment. He did this by doing everything "wrong" that Hillary and others complain about when looking at the DNC and RNC failures.

1. No ground game. Seriously. Trump had nothing.

2. No analytics. His team tried to create a serious data operation. They couldn't. He would have ignored it anyway.

3. Strange campaign stops in states already secure. Trump went to places he was winning. He "wasted" plenty of trips.

4. Not connecting with "the little guy" on the trail. Heck, Trump went back to NYC nightly. He didn't connect to anyone on a personal level.

5. Disorganized campaign. Ha. Team Clinton? Team Jeb? Team Rubio? They had nothing on the mess that was Team Trump. There was no team. Not really.

6. Convention disaster. Yeah. It was one of those destruction derby events. And it didn't matter.

7. Scandals. Sorry, even if you believe email hurt Hillary, then you also have to wonder why a fraud settlement, sexism, racism, and mocking the disabled didn't do anything to Trump. Nate Silver argues Hillary lost 3% to scandals, and possibly the election. But, he also asks... "How was this even a three percentage point race? How did that happen?"

We can wonder how Hillary lost, but isn't the bigger question how Trump won?

Trump won with a campaign that reduced punditry to absurdity. He won. I can't explain it. Pundits are still trying to pin the blame on Hillary, but before Hillary the Trump style (whatever that is) crushed the GOP.

We assume someone could have defeated Trump. I'm not sure. He defeated a rather long list of polished professionals.

Blame whatever you want, but so far the data don't support a Trump victory. Studies I'm reading today still cannot explain how Trump won the primary. He did not even win a majority of Republican votes. He won in open primaries.

Trump did the improbable. Hillary should stop trying to blame anyone because none of it makes statistical sense.


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