Rhetoric and Semiotics of Typography

Illustration of some typographical terms.
Illustration of some typographical terms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why is 'a' an a? What is a? It's more than one sound. To the deaf, it's a glyph used to build words, but not a sound. Why does a language with 44-ish sounds use 26 letters, three of which (c, q, x) are easily replaced phonetically?
Working out a 'rhetoric and semiotics of typography' theory for a book proposal based on thesis and dissertation work.
Letters gain meaning from use, from agreed upon norms. Move beyond typographical history to a land of theory. A is a. Yet even then a is 5400 forms of a, or more.
This seems like a book topic. A Routledge 2017 title claims to be the only (130 page) text specific to semiotics of text on screens. I found little for my thesis, definitely.
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