Insults Don't Persuade

The San Joaquin Valley of California in August...
The San Joaquin Valley of California in August, near Westley, Stanislaus County, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For every post insulting Trump voters, Bernie voters, third-party voters… remember that insulted people (the voters) are unlikely to listen to whatever reasonable explanations you might offer for another candidate or solution. 

Elites do this constantly. Ask "What's the Matter with Kansas?" or "Why is the Central Valley of California so Ignorant?" and then wonder why those same people tune out the arguments. 

You cannot issue general insults of the Rural West, the Great Plains, the South, the Southwest, and then wonder why those same voters don't give a rip what urban "thinkers" have to say. They don't trust the elites because the elites treat Flyover Country like dirt. 

Gee, I wonder why those "ignorant fools" we keep insulting won't listen to experts? 

There are reasons the voters in these rural areas have tuned out and turned away from the Democratic Party, Progressive Elites, and Mainstream Republicans. They are tired of being treated like caricatures instead of real people. 


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