Zigging and Zagging

My interests in rhetoric include, but are not limited to:

  • rhetoric of science in public policy debates;
  • rhetoric of technology, especially computing;
  • rhetoric of economics (the "dark science"); and
  • rhetoric of fiction and creative writing, particularly stage and screen.

I see the overlapping edges of these topics, something I've written about in the past. We cannot separate science and technology from politics or economics. How we address public policy issues, especially those directly connected to science, must be the concern of rhetoricians.

I'll be teaching as an adjunct for the Fall 2013 semester, at a top-tier research university. Best of all, the course will be focused on the rhetoric of economists: it is a dream job. But, it will be only part-time, as I attempt to focus my creative energies elsewhere.

In the coming months, I'm going to be investing every bit of energy I can towards my playwriting. That's not the standard path for an academic in a business school, but it is the right path for me. Maybe I'll have a successful musical about famous economists. Or maybe not.


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