Job Applications and Interviews Continue

I have had a few interviews, have a few more scheduled, and am continuing to submit applications for both academic and non-academic positions.

When my current academic funding ends in June, I do not want to be adrift. While I could continue freelance writing and consulting, having a steady source of income offers stability my wife and I appreciate. That stability does not mean I would stop writing or consulting (unless required to do so). If anything, it is easier to take side gigs when you don't feel like you must.

Because I am on the job market, I am not writing enough to meet my own goals. My writing is cover letters, teaching statements, and similar materials. I set aside my creative writing to chase after security.

I love teaching. If necessary, I will find work as an adjunct professor in the future, in addition to any non-academic position. Teaching means too much to me to walk away from it entirely. The ideal is to work as a professor full-time in a setting that respects divergent views and experiences.

Because I wasn't a good "fit" in an English department, I have applied to teach rhetoric and communication courses within STEM and business programs. I am a writer and editor who happens to be interested in the STEM disciplines. I know there are English programs that would embrace me — and maybe I will find such a place soon.

Still, one should have a Plan B and a Plan C. Maybe a D, E, and F are good to have, too.

Starting in March, I am going to spend several weeks focused on my computer programming skills. I was a good programmer, long ago, and I am certain that learning current tools would improve my marketability. Consider what that says about my degree, though. When recruiters call, it is my programming background that appeals to employers, not my academic credentials.

Whatever happens, I hope to have a clear direction by June.


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