Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Academic Language: Academese

My wife and I have started a list of "academic" words and phrases that are annoying. These are words people in higher education seem compelled to use by some unnatural force. It's a scream, "Look at me! I'm educated! I'm an elitist (liberal) snob!" I added the "liberal" because academic language seems to explode in papers by leftist "experts" in the humanities and social sciences.

I'm not going to post the list here, but I think we should also compile example sentences from some of the documents we have been forced to read. "The hegemonic impulse, the notion that our paradigm is the penultimate, that is a conceit of the imperialist." Nothing like a misuse of penultimate (which means "second to last" and nothing close to the "ultimate" implied in the misuse I have repeated).

Nothing like an academic moron. I'm sure they will dislike me irregardless of my education. (That's sarcasm and intentional misuse, by the way.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spring Begins

Classes haven't started yet, but preparations have.

I have started preparing the online forums and resources for my students. I've looked at enrollment numbers and started the grade spreadsheets. Outlines have been prepared for lectures and the weekly schedule established.

Using the feedback from previous classes, I've altered notes and schedules. Things should be a little better, from a teaching perspective.

As for my own studies... can't wait to be done in 15 weeks or so. Finally. The great irony is a teacher tired of taking classes. Everyone needs a break.