The Future

National Novel Writing Month is a reminder that I have dozens, literally dozens, of complete and semi-complete manuscripts sitting about collecting dust. I found my favorite dark novel, my science fiction series, and various other works on my computer as I contemplated what to write next. Some of these works were written in WordStar and WordPerfect in the 1980s!

I am a writer. That's who and what I am -- it unifies all else within me. Give me a quiet place and an idea, I'll write for hours.

I'm not an "academic" or a researcher of any great caliber. Honestly, I ended up writing a play the last time I was supposed to research a brain condition. Decent play, I think, but not an academic result. It strikes me that a play about pain and suffering communicates a lot more than a journal article.

An academic paper is stress, but I can write 1000 words on deadline for a magazine. Every month someone comments on my column, which is nice.

I'm going back to scriptwriting and poetic forms for a while. I am working on Sea of Tranquility, volume 8 of my poetry journals. The fact I have written more than 1000 pages in my journals indicates how weird I am.

The point is that I should embrace the creative writing, from fantasy to poetry. I should continue the creative non-fiction and the random entry into journalism. I should be true to what I am good at -- embracing what I enjoy.

The future? It's writing. Everything else will be experiences... about which I will write.


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