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What Rhetoric Job Postings Often Are

Asked why college composition isn't of interest, I asked, "Is your program goal to teach the APA and MLA formats required by other departments or to teach self-expression?"

Answer: "Honestly, we are judged on how well students prepare term papers in their major courses. Demonstrating knowledge and citing sources. That sort of thing. Academic style is important."

Yeahhhhh. How's that TPS report coming along?

The tension between teaching the tools for self-expression and argument vs. service to the majors. I understand. Fighting through MLA for my thesis and quibbles over non-specified MLA formatting (headings), I understand there's value to learning the basics. But I'd rather have a student write something engaging than spend time avoiding anything that might violate a rule. Fear of being marked wrong leads to repressed, bland writing.

I can teach a four-paper cycle in a guided curriculum, but I don't want to. It's heartbreaking. I'd st…

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