The Failure of American Schools - The Atlantic

I still need to read the full article before responding to anything within the text, but I encourage others to read this tale of American education:
The Failure of American Schools - Magazine - The Atlantic
June 2011 - by Joel Klein
Who better to lead an educational revolution than Joel Klein, the prosecutor who took on the software giant Microsoft? But in his eight years as chancellor of New York City’s school system, the nation’s largest, Klein learned a few painful lessons of his own—about feckless politicians, recalcitrant unions, mediocre teachers, and other enduring obstacles to school reform.
Our schools are “stuck” in a holding pattern. Why? What forces are resisting change? Is such inertia inevitable in such large systems? NYC, L.A., Chicago, and other districts might be too large to manage.

I would never want responsibility for reforming a system that is so resistant to innovation and change. Again, more thoughts later.


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